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Stock Checking


Global Sourcing for hard-to-find parts

This is our main service : we support our customers when they face critical situations of shortages.
Within a couple of days we can locate and ship out parts to our customers from our logistic platform in France.

As we operate on the free market, we are able to supply any type of component or brand : active, passive and electro-mechanical components,computer parts...

If you look for allocated, obsolete, last time buy or long-leadtime components, contact us.

You can also check our stock here.


Excess stock management

SEBA Components offers several solutions to help our customers in managing their unwanted inventory. We work extensively with our clients to provide the best solution : we can either buy lots, individual lines of excess or follow our customers’ specific demands.

We also propose a complete consignment stock solution.

Feel free to contact us.


Cost Reduction Program

We use our sourcing abilities and market experience to reduce costs on our clients' bills of materials.

Please send us your BOM's here and we will get back to you asap with competitive prices.



We can offer the following alternative services :

  • Testing and material diagnostics
  • RoHS conversion of leaded components
  • Component Programming
  • Repackaging
  • Kitting

Please contact us.